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One of the missions of EMS is to develop scholarly capacity in emerging markets and encourage emerging market-based scholars to publish in reputed international journals. EMS founders and advisory board members have served or currently serving as editors of many prestigious journals, some of which are listed below:

  • Global Strategy Journal
  • Journal of International Management

  • Journal of International Business Policy

  • Journal of International Business Studies

  • Journal of Management Studies

  • Journal of Word Business

Additionally, many EMS affiliated experts do special issues and workshops that are focused on emerging markets. You can find information about these special issues on our page "EM Focused Special Issues" EMS is also inviting journals to affiliate with EMS. The details can be found on "EMS Affiliated Journals".

If you are interested to learn more about specific journals in your field, but not able to attend the “Meet the Editor” sessions such as the one above (picture from AIB 2019 conference in Copenhagen), you are at the right place. We will bring the insights from editors of leading journals to the EMS members. Please click on the journals listed below to learn more about the editorial policies of different journals.

Editors/Associate Editors/Guest Editors: If you are interested in having your journal in this space, please reach out to us at

  • Asia Pacific Journal of Management (Editor-in-Chief: C S Wong)

  • Global Strategy Journal (Co-Editors: Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Ram Mudambi, and Torben Pedersen)

  • International Business Review (Editor-in-Chief: Pervez Ghauri)

  • Journal of World Business (Editor-in-Chief: Ajai Gaur)

  • Management International Review (Co-Editors: M. J. Oesterle and J. Wolf)

Please check the information on EM-focused special issues that are guest edited by experts associated with the EMS. Please write to the editors for further information on submitting your articles to these special issues.


EMS is affiliated with the following journals that are focused on emerging markets.​The Journal of Asia Business Studies (JABS) is a scholarly journal that focuses on country-specific as well as comparative research on Asian business and management issues. JABS emphasizes research on strategic and operational issues faced by Asian companies operating within and beyond Asia as well as international companies operating in Asia.

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